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Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you’re like me, you want to WOW your mom with a great, thoughtful gift! And so, gem gals, if you are looking for unique jewelry gifts, Etsy is the way to go!

If you’ve never shopped at Etsy, I’m here to encourage you to give them a try. Etsy is all about handmade and vintage goods from individuals and small businesses. They just provide the platform. You can buy almost anything! I’ve bought purses, stationery, bath bombs, pottery, and all sorts of other things from them over the years. Etsy is like ebay, but focused on people who make their products.

It’s super easy to set up an account if you decide you want to buy something. Etsy also makes it easy for you to favorite certain items or stores that you like, so you can go back later if you want.

So let’s get to it! I’ve pulled together some unique gifts for your mom (or, let’s be honest, YOU!). Enjoy!


Cool geode necklaces


Geodes are totally trending now! I am seeing geode necklaces everywhere and Etsy is no exception! Of course, I’m partial to amethyst geodes. These geode slices are from the Rockstar Goddess. So pretty, right?


Amethyst geode necklaces from Etsy for Mother's Day

Amethyst geode necklaces from The RockStar Goddess


Crystal ring holder, just for mom


Of course, your mom needs a place to hold her rings. How about this one? You can get it in other colors, too, besides the pink. This Etsy shop, called Modern Mud, specializes in glamorous ceramics. The owner, Naomi Singer, has been featured in Real Simple and on Buzz Feed. I LOVE almost everything she has in her shop, from mugs to vases to  jewelry,


Crystal ring holder for Mom from Etsy

Crystal ring holder for Mom from Etsy


Ceramic earrings


These ceramic drop earrings with the gold accents are from Susan Gordon Pottery, down in Birmingham, Alabama, and I am loving all the beautiful, colorful jewelry she creates.



Cute photo keychain just for mom


I love the simple elegance of this little keychain. My own mother is always on my case to make sure she has updated pics of her grandkids. This is the perfect way to do that!


Photo keychain you can personalize for Mom

Photo keychain you can personalize for Mom


Rose gold sapphire set


I love rose gold (read my earlier post about why it’s everywhere right now), and I think this little set is just about perfect – minimalist, simple, beautiful.


Perfect Mother's Day gift - Ruby and rose gold necklace and earrings set, from Etsy

Ruby and rose gold necklace and earrings set, from Etsy


Resin flower ring


With springtime, I’ve got flowers constantly on my mind. I’ve always love pressed flower jewelry, and these rings channel that idea. The Etsy shop that makes these rings is called Alpaca Blue, and they have some cool nature-inspired botanical rings and earrings. They even use 24K gold flakes!


Unique flower and gold resin ring from Etsy

Unique flower and gold resin ring from Etsy


Opal and Wood Ring


This gorgeous ring is from the Etsy shop Wild North Woodworks. I’m always impressed when people use different materials like wood in jewelry. And opals are a show shopper! So unique and pretty!


Opal and wood inlay titanium ring from Etsy

Opal and wood inlay titanium ring


Heart and flowers necklace


Lest you start to think that Etsy is a little too homemade for you, Trademark Antiques is an Etsy shop that specializes in vintage jewelry. They do what’s called “conversion jewelry,” where they take a pin (or some other jewelry piece) from 100 years ago, and turn it into a necklace or a ring (or something the modern woman can wear). It takes some real skill to do this properly, and the folks at this shop are pros! Their pieces are truly unique, with some real history attached to them.


A vintage gold necklace from Etsy

A vintage gold necklace from Etsy


Emerald ring


And maybe you think Etsy has only inexpensive, craft-project jewelry. But no! Let me introduce you to Itali Lamberti, an Etsy shop that uses 18K or 22K recycled gold for their jewelry, along with some serious high-end gemstones.


Emerald pin

This little Etsy shop, Alphabet Bags, makes totes, T-shirts, and the cutest birthstone pins. I’m showing the emerald one, but they have amethyst, turquoise, opal, topaz, diamond, you name it!


Emerald pin, perfect for Mom, or anyone with a May birthday

Emerald pin, perfect for Mom, or anyone with a May birthday


Opal ring


I love this little opal ring with the crescent moon. I’m a huge fan of opals always, and I just love the pretty simplicity of this. This piece is from the Etsy shop Zenned Out. They have a lot of inspirational and personalized jewelry.


An opal ring for your mom

An opal ring for your mom


What do you think, gem gals? Do you love browsing around Etsy as much as I do? Have you checked out their Mother’s Day Gift Guide? Have you already bought your mom a gift? Tell me in the comments below.


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