I have always said the difference between being a single professional woman and a career mom is the amount of stuff you carry around. Once you have children, it’s not just your stuff anymore you have to schlep from place to place. And with kids, believe me when I tell you I could use a porter with the stuff they have! I joke that I am simply the bag lady, because in my house, I have diaper bags, dance/gym bags, swim bags, overnight bags, bags for Girl Scouts, you get the idea….. Whatever we’re doing, I just grab an already packed-up bag from the entryway and head out the door. Sadly, this means the LAST thing I want for me is another bag (the travesty, I know……). It would simply become a receptacle for kids stuff. So, yeah, …. not interested. No thank you.


Enter Hobo


Thankfully, I have discovered something AMAZING, that allows me to get back a little bit of that cool factor. Without getting a bag. This post is about my obsession with a beautiful, sumptuous new wallet/clutch, and the history behind its practical design. I’m talking about my Hobo Lauren wallet.


I have the navy, but they come in lots of colors

I have the navy, but they come in lots of colors


I was first introduced to Hobo when I was working at Ideal Gems and Jewelry and the owner said, “I’d like to start carrying handbags. Look at the these cute bags from Hobo.” She was right, they were cute! We were both obsessed over the different linings the bags had. Hobo was started in 1991 and still is really best known for two aspects of their designs: leather and linings. All their bags are leather. Soft, supple leather. They didn’t start doing colors until 1995, but now they have a great variety to choose from. Their linings change from season to season, and are always really fun and vibrant.


Attention to detail


Hobo was started by a mother-daughter team from Maryland, although it’s now run by the daughter and her husband. The original vision was that quality is cool, and today they still strive to do that through purposeful, stylish bags. As with most things, for me it’s about the details. Hobo is great with details. Their leather has a nice worn color variation that just gets better over time (based on my two previous Hobo bags). I love how the clasps are all branded.


fun lining and a branded clasps

fun lining and branded clasps


And I really love how it shows that someone put real thought into the design. So many bags look great in the store, and you try to use them and discover they are just not functional. With Hobo, you won’t have that problem.


The Lauren wallet


Which is why I love my Lauren wallet. The functionality is amazing. First of all, it’s not too big. I hate big wallets, might as well just get a purse! When you really get down to it, all I really need to carry around is my phone, my money, and my driver’s license. I had ordered a cute wallet online only to discover it didn’t quite fit my iPhone. Bummer. I have the iPhone 6. But this time, I was IN the store, and I plopped my phone right in there and voila! Success. When I was looking at the wallet in the store, I was just looking in each pocket, and seeing how much space was there. But then the saleslady came over and showed me it OPENED! Hello! Two more spots for credit cards, a place to put your driver’s license, and a whole other zipper pocket. It closes with a strong circular magnet. I bought it immediately after that.


Small but packs a punch in the organization department

Small but packs a punch in the organization department


The Lauren wallet made its debut in 2003. They simply couldn’t keep them in stock. By 2007, it was clear it was an iconic piece. In 2013, they celebrated Lauren’s 10th birthday with more colors, a distinct lining, and plenty of celebrations and giveaways. Even Tori Spelling is fan, she gave away five on her website last year.


Let’s go shopping!


Of course, if you don’t watch a clutch wallet, Hobo has plenty of other handbags. Like this satchel:



Or this shoulder bag:



Or this one:



What are you waiting for? Go check out this great company!


This post has been edited and updated since it was originally posted on June 6, 2015. 

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