True confession: I love Princess Kate! For me, she is my aspirational style icon! I love how she always looks classy and elegant. I love how she’s showed you can be modern and causal, but still stylish. And she introduced me to nude heels!! There has been plenty written about what Kate wears clothing-wise, but not as much about her always fabulous, on point jewelry! So let’s take a look see at Kate’s best jewelry!


Kate’s best jewelry


Kate is skilled (or her stylist is) at combining her jewelry for a cohesive look. Check out this picture where she looks perfect with her ruby ring (for a bit of color), her diamond bracelet, and the delicate, chandelier earrings. And with a sparkly sequin dress! Not easy to do! Her jewelry isn’t matchy-matchy, and she looked very put together. This is how it’s done!



Kate’s best jewelry – necklace and earrings set


Of course, Kate does wear matched sets sometimes. As for me, I go back and forth about matching sets. Are you lazy or super coordinated? I can’t decide. But I love these two examples. First, with the big peals, and second, with the ruby and diamonds.


Kate's best jewelry sets - one in pearls, and the other in diamonds

Kate’s best jewelry sets – one in pearls, and the other in diamonds


Even though these jewels are likely worth more than my annual paycheck, she makes them look almost casual. Well done, Kate!


Kate’s best jewelry – earrings


I’ll level with you here. It was hard to choose best earrings for Kate. Most of time, Kate is pretty conservative with her earrings. She wears studs and small drop earrings quite a bit. That’s why it’s so great when she goes all out with bigger, bling-ier earrings!

One of Kate’s favorite jewelry designers is Kiki McDonough, who’s pretty famous for using colorful gemstones. Both sets of earrings in the bottom row are Kiki designs, blue topaz on the left and morganite on the right. Both with lots of diamonds, of course!

The earrings on the top row are both bold designs. The deep blue ones of the left were part of a trip to India.  The pale blue ones on the right she wore to the 007 Sprectre movie premiere.


A selection of Kate's best earrings

A selection of Kate’s best earrings


If you want to see some Kiki designs for yourself, they carry her line at both Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. Everything will set you back at least a couple grand, but hey, that’s the price you have to pay to glam up like a princess!


Kiki McDonough 18K Gold Green Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings

Kiki McDonough 18K Gold Green Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings


Kate’s best jewelry – bracelet


Kate doesn’t often wear bracelets, although when she does, she often chooses a gold charm bracelet. But I’m particularly drawn to this gorgeous diamond bracelet she wore to the BAFTA awards this year. Stunning! That off shoulder white dress is pretty wow, too!


Kate wore this gorgeous diamond bracelet to the BAFTA awards

Kate wore this gorgeous diamond bracelet to the BAFTA awards


[easyazon_image align=”none” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B07R3D4RH7″ locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”gemgal20-20″ width=”500″]


Kate’s best tiara


Kate is so lucky to be able to wear tiaras. My personal favorite is the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, which was a wedding present from the queen to Princess Diana. It has 19 diamond arches, each with a pearl hanging from a diamond lover’s knot bow.


Kate best jewelry, tiara

Kate wearing the Lover’s Knot Tiara


Kate’s best necklace


This one was really tough. Kate wears so many great necklaces! I think, though, that this one (below) was my favorite. Kate wore a $40 statement necklace from Zara from the screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. For someone who is usually so careful and conservative, I thought this was a real risk for her. But she pulled it off. She looks amazing!


Kate wears a cheap but pretty necklace

Kate wears a cheap but pretty necklace for the film ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ in 2013 (image courtesy of Getty Images)


My runner’s up are three beautiful but very different pieces. The first is a gold circular necklace, called the Trinity necklace. It’s by Cartier, so of course it’s ridiculously expensive! Only $98,000.

I’m also in love with her emerald and diamond necklace and earrings. Simply gorgeous! And her last necklace is a ruby-and-diamond necklace by luxury designer Mouwad. All so pretty!


Kate Middleton best jewelry, necklaces

So hard to choose a favorite from the great necklaces Kate has worn (images courtesy of Getty images)


Kate’s best brooch


Honestly, this is the area where I’m a little bit disappointed in Kate. She has probably one of the world’s best brooch collections, and she’s incredibly conservative about wearing them. She always wears just one, and always on the lapel (or similar area). I would love to see her wear several brooches on a scarf, or one on a hairpiece, and with a belt.

All that being said, my favorite brooch of Kate’s is the diamond maple leaf. Not surprisingly, she pulls it out every time they visit Canada.


Kate showcasing the beautiful diamond maple leaf brooch

Kate showcasing the beautiful diamond maple leaf brooch


Kate’s best fascinator


OK, I know fascinators technically aren’t jewelry! But did you even know that hats are called fascinators? I just found that out recently! I mean, how fascinating is that????!!! And I still have so many questions? Like, how do they get those to stay on their head when they’re at such odd angels? Lots of lots of bobby pins? Something else?

Anyway, I leave you with this last image of Kate wearing a lovely fascinator.


Kate wearing a fascinator at the Diamond Jubilee

Kate wearing a fascinator at the Diamond Jubilee (image courtesy of © National Pictures/Nick Edwards/UPPA/


OK, I lied. Two more fascinators. OK, now I’m done. I promise!


Kate Middleton wears some fabulous fascinators! or hats.....

Kate Middleton wears some fabulous fascinators!


That’s it for the best of Kate’s jewelry! If you’re obsessed with Kate like me, head on over to Pinterest, where I have whole board devoted to her!


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