Where did the summer go?! I’m NOT ready for it to end! But if there’s one thing that can get me through the craziness of back-to-school shopping for three kids, it’s the promise of a beautiful new handbag. Note that I use the term handbag broadly! I like to buy a lot of totes, because it seems I’m always schlepping around my kids’ stuff, in addition to my own stuff. But I also love purses, little wallets and bigger wallets, clutches, laptop bags, cross-body purses, satchels, and backpacks. I will confess that I have not just one, but three different spaces in our house where I store all my handbags, and I like switching things throughout the year.

The best thing about fall, besides handbags, is all the great colors! I love the return every year to the great jewel tones – deep blues, burgundies, emerald greens, and burnt orange.

This fall, I’m seeing lots of chain handles, fur, fringe, and tassels. And some new shapes – purses as boxes, buckets, and drawstrings. And little embellishments like pearls and bows. I love it all! Take a look at some of my favorite companies below:




If you’re not familiar with this brand, they pride themselves on providing super functional bags for people who are always on-the-go! Their bags have good construction and lots of organization! I have a navy Knomo laptop bag that I bought about three years ago and it still looks brand-new! Check out some of what they have to offer:


Their bestselling laptop shoulder bag


KNOMO laptop shoulder bag


A beautiful cross body purse


KNOMO Cross Body




Harvey’s is a brand I first came across during my many trips through the Seattle airport, where one of my favorite stores carries them. They use discarded seat belts to create unique patterns and designs. I love companies that reuse things that would otherwise be thrown away! And because it’s seat belt material, they look and feel really sleek! I also love that all their products are made right here in the USA!


Black Bow Purse


Bow seatbelt purse


This bow purse is one of my favorites. I don’t like things that are super feminine, so this one does the trick for me. Plus, bows seem to be everywhere this season!



seatbelt wallet


I love the geometric patchwork quilt feel of this wallet. The nice thing about Harvey’s is that all their designs come in different color combinations!


Polka Dot

polka dot seatbelt bag

I love polka dots, regardless of the season! They’re just so FUN!


Kate Spade


I will always be a lifetime fan of Kate Spade bags!  And even though Kate Spade has sadly passed away, I feel like the company that bears her name has done a good job of continuing to fulfilling her colorful, playful vision.


Satchel bag



Kate spade satchel bag


This design comes in a bunch of different colors, but this one is my favorite!


Another bow purse


Kate spade bow purse


Cross Body Satchel




A Statement Bag


Sometimes, I love to have these fun bags that just make you smile when you look at them. And bonus, this one is made from vegan leather!


statement flower bag


COACH x Selena


I find it fascinating when celebrities partner with brands to create these little capsule collections. Selena Gomez worked with the Coach team to come up with both clothing and accessories (which you can check out here). A lot of her designs feature this bedraggled little rabbit, and to be honest, I’m not in love with him. I do, however, love her little crystal accents and the bucket shapes she’s using for purses.


Selena Bond Bag


Selena Gomez bond bag


Selena Trail Bag


Selena coach bag


Frances Valentine


This is a new company that Kate Spade had started. They offer handbags, shoes, jewelry and clothing. I’m still exploring what they have to offer, but so far, I’m liking what I see.


Red Velvet


red velvet purse


Floral Drawstring


pink floral bag


Black Fringe

black fringe bag


What do you think, gem gals? Did any of these speak to you?


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